An Ad Featuring Farmer Protests Was Aired During Super Bowl In Fresno; More Details Inside

On February 7, a 30-second ad in the support of farmer protests going in India was aired during the Super Bowl. The ad featured some visuals and news clippings of the protest which is also called ‘one of the biggest human protests in history’.

Jerry Dyer, Mayor of Fresno, California

The ad opens up with a famous quote by the visionary leader Martin Luther King Jr. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Tejivideo is a local production company that has produced this video. It also had a closing message which is addressed by the Mayor Jerry Dyer of Fresno, California where the Super Bowl was taking place. The message said, “We want you to know our brothers and sisters in India, that we stand with you”.

The advertisement was funded by the Sikh Community of Fresno as per a tweet made on the social media handle of Kisan Ekta Morcha which says “Fresno Community put that ad during the Super Bowl. This is great work by community to aware people regarding Farmer Protest. Thank You Fresno Sikh Community. #FArmerProtest #ReleaseDetainedFarmers”.

Fresno City community put that ad during the Super Bowl. This is great work by community to aware people regarding Farmers Protest. Thank you Fresno Sikh Community. #FarmersProtest #ReleaseDetainedFarmers

— Kisan Ekta Morcha (@Kisanektamorcha) February 8, 2021

Since the tweets made by some global personalities like Rihanna, Greta Thunberg, Mia Khalifa, Meena Harris, and Amanda Cerny came into existence, India’s farmer protest is getting a lot of global attention. In the meantime, all these responses are being condemned and rebuked by government officials and some of the Bollywood celebrities.

Super Bowl is an annual championship game of the USA’s National Football League. For many years the platform is used for launching or releasing trailers and teasers of Tv series & Films. It is also very popular in the country for its half-time performances by some big names in the global music industry. Being one of the most-watched sports events in the USA every year Americans look forward to the Super Bowl with a lot of anticipation.