AAP’s Satyender Jain Receives ‘Body Massage In Jail’; BJP Insists Restriction!

Member of Delhi’s Legislative Assembly Satyender Jain, who was charged in a money laundering case in May, is presently enjoying a lavish lifestyle in jail. The accused minister is also constantly in contact with the co-charged to control the inquiry. On Sunday, the Enforcement Directorate revealed to the special court that the AAP minister was getting everything he needed, like homemade food and body massage, and was also misusing his role as jail minister.


As per an NDTV report, the central probe agency raised CCTV footage to back its assertions, accompanied by an affidavit. Satyender’s wife, Poonam Jain, has likewise granted entrance to his lockup cell and continually met him above allowable boundaries, news agency ANI mentioned sources as stating.

While condemning the Arvind Kejriwal-conducted government. BJP summoned a press conference claiming that Satyender was evidently attempting to interfere and meddle with proof in the case. Delhi unit president MP Manoj Tiwari and Adesh Gupta notified Kejriwal hadn’t restricted a minister yet who was in lock-up on corruption indictments.

The ANI report remarked that the footage obtained by the ED reveals Satyender meeting the jail supervisor regularly, which is against the ordinances. Disobeying court directives, Jain even received homemade food in jail.

As per the ED, Jain was frequently in contact with the co-indicted in the case, Vaibhav Jain and Ankush Jain. However, the Tihar jail administration renounced the ED’s assertions and stated nobody ever visited Satyender Jain, said NDTV report. The administration told the probe agency had requested footage of Satyender’s lock-up cell and the ward in which he has been put.

The jail administration told detainees were permitted to speak to each other during a headcount in the morning. The footage was taken when Satyender was caught communicating with the co-indicted. It added that the co-indicted were likewise placed in the exact ward, and detainees couldn’t meet each other inside their lock-ups.