Why Mamta Said “If She Knew How Dirty Politics Is, She Would Never Have Entered It”?

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee remains in the discussion these days for one or the other thing. But the reason to remain in the discussion is her recent statement in praise of RSS. According to a few media reports, Mamta Banerjee has said that I do not think that RSS is so bad. There are some people in the Sangh right now who do not think like the BJP and want harmony. One day this dictatorship will surely break. Apart from this, she also attacked the ruling party BJP. She said that no attempt should be made to tarnish the image of the Trinamool Congress family (party), otherwise no one will be spared.

If I had known that politics would be so dirty, I would never have entered politics.

Trinamool Congress leader Banerjee said, “I entered politics to serve the society.. But now I feel that I would have left politics long ago if I had known in advance that today’s politics would be so dirty where I and my family members will have to face so much false slander”. Mamta Banerjee said that the summons to the agency is not only politics of vendetta, it is open violence. Mamta Banerjee once again said that the issues of cattle and coal smuggling are the responsibility of the Union Home Ministry and the Central Government.

Mamta attacked BJP

At the same time, Mamta also responded to the allegations of BJP. Mamta Banerjee further said that the BJP alleges that Kalighat is the final destination of income for coal, cattle smuggling and teacher recruitment scams. She said, “I want to ask why are you staying at Kalighat? If you dare, name the person who is the ultimate recipient of that money now. Or do you mean the money is going to the famous Kali Mandir of Kalighat?”