Why India Is Not Caring About America’s Displeasure Over Import Of Crude Oil?

There is a terrible period of cold war that is going on between America and Russia. US President Joe Biden is calling his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin not only a brutal dictator but also a killer of humanity with “adjectives”. In response, Putin is answering them with his own strategy.

But at the same time, India is also not caring much for American concerns and resentment. India did not listen to America in other matters including import of crude oil from Russia. Foreign policy experts are justifying this move of India. Diplomatic experts say that after many decades, India has not cared for America’s displeasure.

Senior journalist Ranjit Kumar, who has knowledge of foreign affairs, says that India is showing understanding. It is not good for India to bow to American pressure. Former Foreign Service officer SK Sharma says that America is also understanding this compulsion of India.

However, he says that for India to ignore America’s intention on the issue of Ukraine would be called a bold move. SK Sharma says that India has taken the right step according to foreign policy, strategic policy, regional and international situation.

He says that even America has a compulsion here that it cannot exert much pressure against India’s decision. Sharma says that even US diplomats understand this very well.

They know that India can ignore it if the pressure of not having relations with Russia increases. Therefore, given the South Sea and regional situation, America is avoiding putting more pressure on India.

It is not right to adopt double standards with India.

Air Vice Marshal (East) NB Singh says that all European countries including Germany, France are taking natural gas, crude oil and other goods from Russia at a cheaper rate. India is getting cheaper oil from Russia, so why not buy it?

Air Vice Marshal says America cannot adopt double standards here. Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar have also made similar arguments.

Air Vice Marshal says that more than 70 percent of India’s defense equipment is imported from Russia. So India cannot ignore Russia. The third major reason is regional security concerns.

He said that whenever there is a situation of mediation between India and China, there has been help from Russia. America’s hands remain tight in this matter. However, India is a part of the Quad Forum along with the US, Australia and Japan.

But despite this, China is a neighboring country of India regionally. Russia is a strategic partner country. Therefore, India has taken steps keeping in mind the regional, economic, strategic and strategic equation.