Various States Of India In Grip Of Power Outages Before Oppressive Summers Starts

New Delhi: As the month of April passes and the month of May set to resume, heat wave in India is all sure to intensify once again in the country which has led to the start of squabbling between the Center and the states over power cuts after the states have started an outcry over the inadequate coal supply for producing electricity.

It is remarkable to note that various states of India have started to feel the pinch of heat from now on as Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, Haryana,Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh have reported about facing some of the longest power cut spells in the country. Every year as the days of summer start, weather all over India starts taking a sudden change and there is no unusual if the same thing is all set to happen this year also.

Forecasts of Metrological Department of India had quite well ago had predicted that due to westerly disturbances this year, there will be a long duration of dry spell in the country . Apart this, Westerly winds prevailing and blowing all over India, there will be comparatively less rainfall this year that would lead to comparatively less generation of electricity. During the previous five years, India has experienced a bitter experience of weather gods playing tantrums with the farmers causing less productivity and impacting the growth of the country in total.