UP Election Results: Small Parties Get Strong Control In State; Is BJP Losing It’s Charm?

The political fertility in Uttar Pradesh can be speculated from how small parties getting a stronghold in the state and now getting fruits out of UP too. The best example of how much the parties are getting strong in the state can be gauged from the fact that the political parties of the state have started flourishing in the 2022 Assembly elections.

Political experts believe that the way in which small political parties of the state have got a big and considerable hold in the assembly elections this time, they are also going to decide the new condition and direction of politics in the coming days of the state.

The recently released results of the 2022 Assembly elections show that the Apna Dal is the third-largest party in Uttar Pradesh after the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Samajwadi Party that emerged out in the state. Apna Dal has won 12 seats in the assembly results on Thursday.

Let us tell you that this figure of Apna Dal is bigger than the 2017 assembly elections. To say that the Rashtriya Lok Dal had contested the elections in alliance with the Samajwadi Party, but with eight MLAs, the Rashtriya Lok Dal has emerged as the fourth largest party in Uttar Pradesh.

9% Seats To Small Political Parties

In the state of 403 assembly seats, about 9% of the seats have been won by small political parties, which are not only spreading their feet in Uttar Pradesh but also in other states adjoining the state and adjoining borders in the coming elections.

The leaders of Nirbal Indian Shoshit Hamara Aam Dal are so excited about the results that they received in the 2022 Assembly that they say that the people, especially their society, have seen a big mandate, not only in Uttar Pradesh but in all those coastal states of the country and now the Nishad Party is emerging as the hope of the people of the castes and tribes living on the banks of the rivers.

Sanjay Nishad of Nishad Party says that to get justice for the people of his particular caste community, he will start a campaign and movement not only in Uttar Pradesh but in all those states, who live on the beaches and on the banks of rivers.

The leaders of the Nishad Party say that it is clear from the mandate received in the Uttar Pradesh elections that people of their castes will now get justice and will get the respect they deserve being human. Going by that order now the Nishad Party will expand itself to other states too.

Similarly, the leaders of Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party, which was able to get six seats, says that the mandate that their party has got from Uttar Pradesh assembly elections is going to be available not only in Uttar Pradesh but also in the surrounding and border states.

Benefit From Declining Support Base Of Congress-BSP

AK Chakradhar, a political analyst and former convener of the Center for Political Studies, said that small political parties rise only when people start losing faith in big political parties.

He further said the way small parties won multiple seats in the 2022 assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, is only because now the people of the state are losing their trust in Congress and Bahujan Samaj Party.

Chakradhar further said that earlier when the big political parties were counted, people of all caste and communities were associated with only one or two parties, but now the situation looking at the changing scenario the statistics of people supporting these parties has changed completely.

He said that the way in which more and more people’s representatives from small parties continue to represent them and their society in the Legislative Assembly and Lok Sabha, there will be a challenge for big political parties.
So, now we clearly understand the impact of small parties that are going to be seen in the party politics of a state.