Unemployment, Financial And Political Corruption Leading Concerns Among Urban Indians: Global Survey

According to the results of the Ipsos What Worries the World global monthly survey, Urban Indians in July reported worries about unemployment, financial and political corruption, crime and violence, and poverty and social inequality.

Urban Indians are found to be concerned about many issues that affect their lives. Includes unemployment (37%), financial and political corruption (29%), crime and violence (26%), poverty and social inequality (22%), coronavirus (20%), climate change (17%). ) and inflation (16%), Ipsos said.

The Ipsos What Worries the World monthly survey tracks public opinion on social and political issues in 27 countries, including India. The Global Advisor survey was conducted between June 24 and July 8 through the Ipsos online panel system among 20,022 adults ages 18-74 in Canada, Israel, Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey and the United States, and ages 16-74 in 20 other countries. .

Globally, citizens’ top concerns include inflation (38%), poverty and social inequality (33%), crime and violence (26%), unemployment (26%) and financial and political corruption (23%).

Inflation has emerged as a top concern among most of the world’s citizens. Markets most concerned about inflation include Argentina (65%), Poland (59%), Chile (54%), Turkey (53%), Canada (51%) and the US (51%). And the least worried were India (16%) and Saudi Arabia (13%), the survey revealed.

Ipsos said, “For our burgeoning population, job creation still needs to keep pace with demand; also, we continue to reel under the collateral impact of the pandemic that rendered thousands jobless. Other societal issues of corruption, crime, and poverty increase when restrictions ease.”

Meanwhile, Indians have bucked the global trend of pessimism more than their global counterparts. Global citizens were quite pessimistic about their country’s future prospects, with at least 2 in 3 (65%) believing their country was on the wrong track. Indians, on the contrary, were quite optimistic about the future and believed that India was moving in the right direction with at least 73% holding this opinion. Those surveyed in Saudi Arabia were the most optimistic about their country’s future prospects, according to survey results.