Udaipur Beheading Case: Was It Blasphemy Or Something Else?

Seeing such a deplorable killing of a tailor in Udaipur is deeply shocking. No matter what it is called for immediate punishment for spreading terror through such brutality. Two muslim men with a cleaver beheaded Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur city’s Dhan Mandi region and posted recordings online that said they are avenging an insult to Islam, setting off stray instances of viciousness in the Rajasthan city.
The murderers masquerading as customers entered the shop and decapitated a tailor for a social media post supporting ex-BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma in the row over her comments on the Prophet.

Few days prior to this occurrence, Kashmir-based YouTuber Faisal Wani, who runs the wellness channel Profound Agony Wellness, shared an animated video which showed him decapitating ex-BJP representative Nupur Sharma. The video circulated around the web before long and was accordingly taken out from the channel. Wani likewise delivered a statement of regret video where he was apologizing for his activities.

Kashmir based YouTuber Faisal Wani with YouTube Account of Deep Pain Fitness shares graphic video showing him beheading Nupur Sharma.
I am horrified. These people are not allowed to live in a city society. Keep them in cages. pic.twitter.com/V1uw5UIi0h

— Dwivedi (@dwivedi_ji12) June 10, 2022

This is not the first time when humanity is ashamed and murdered.
In February 2019, a man who had turned into a Christian last year was killed and executed in eastern India, in the town of Raigarh Tehsil, in the region of Nabarangapur, Odisha. Since his transformation, his family was not just halted from getting water from the public well, he was beaten two times in 2018, and suspended from the town. Later on, Anant Ram Gand, 40, was taken from his home in the town of Raigarh Tehsil by three men who killed him and left his beheaded body in the street.

In 2020, a soul shaking case was seen where a 23-year-old Hindu woman was fiercely beheaded by her better half for purportedly declining to switch over completely to Islam in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh. The lady’s decapitated body was tracked down in a forest region. Laxminarayan from Preet Nagar apparently identified the body as her daughter Priya Soni from her shoes and garments. Tragically, Priya Soni isn’t the first and was not the last to be beheaded in a secular country like India.

Although these cases didn’t get the limelight of media or social media, these are equally brutal and to be condemned.
Murder of Kanhaiya was initially treat as a case of blasphemy but now it has turned out as a terror incident. The Rajasthan Police had declared a special investigation team (SIT) soon after the arrest of the two men, identified as Riaz Akhtari and Ghouse Mohammad, in connection with the incident.

In the current case, negligence of local police is also responsible for Kanhaiya’s murder. Days before he was killed by two persons, tailor Kanhaiya Lal had told police in a written complaint he faced a threat to life by some people who were conducting a “recce” of his shop. An assistant sub-inspector (ASI) of Dhan Mandi police station in Udaipur suspended for negligence following the same case.

The Home ministry had hurried a probe team on Tuesday night after it was suggested that the two arrested accused were under influence of the ISIS, a banned terror group. The NIA has taken charge of the same and had registered a case under the anti-terror Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) in connection with the heinous murder who wanted to strike terror among the masses across the country.