Telangana Election: KCR Resembles TMC In Its Fight Against BJP Amid Fierce Political Battle


The BJP’s national executive meeting in Hyderabad was expected to include a fair amount of slurs at its opponents. TRS, the party in power in Telangana elections scheduled for 2023, was the true aim. Because of the large penalties levied on BJP and TRS for using unlicensed banners and posters, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has done well for itself. It’s also an early sign of a brutal poll struggle between parties who have a lot of money at their disposal. After narrowly defeating AIMIM in the GHMC elections in 2020, the BJP seemed poised for an explosive rise. Also helping to spread the word were the wins in two bypolls.

The BJP has advantages in several areas. To begin with, KCR has unintentionally assisted the BJP by allowing a mass defection of Congress members from both houses of parliament. As in Bengal, the BJP’s growth is being fueled by a lack of opposition. Second, in the GHMC elections, the BJP’s approach of suggesting a tacit partnership between the TRS and AIMIM has been successful. Saffron flags atop “Golla Konda” fort, renaming Hyderabad, and slogans like “Golla Konda” fort are the next step of this approach.

Another recurring theme is the despotic reign of the Nizams. Third, by emphasising KCR family domination and insufficient backward class representation and by elevating OBC politicians, the BJP is eroding TRS’s enormous advantage as the statehood movement’s spearhead. This southern state is no stranger to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity, as seen by the BJP’s four-seat victory in the 2019 LS elections, even beating KCR’s own daughter.

But the BJP, too, has a right to be concerned. Similarly to the TMC in Bengal, the TRS is headed by a seasoned politician who has total control of the party and is adept at playing the native versus. foreigner game. KCR, like Mamata, has a long history of delivering social services. Akin to Mamata, KCR is inflaming public resentment over a variety of topics.

The purported refusal of the Centre to get the state’s supply of parboiled rice is the emphasis in Telangana. BJP also lacks significant state-level leaders to take on KCR, possibly even more so than in Bengal. If TRS’s “outsiders” approach gains momentum, national leaders may be forced to undertake the hard work, a risky tactic.