The Reverberations Of Shuai’s Case; Deets Inside

Peng Shuai came forward with her story and the repercussions that followed are truly baffling. For decades, women have been reluctant to talk about harassment and sexual abuse. Circumstances surely now (with the coming of me-too) are convalescent but still a very long way to go.  The three-time Olympian accused a former Vice Primer Zhang Gaoli of sexual on the social media platform 'WIEBO'. Forget about the standard consequences of speaking up — retaliation, threats, loss of opportunities, friends, income, Peng Shuai disappeared soon after this revelation (the post which now stands deleted). Powerful Stance Many concerned voices are being raised and perhaps the loudest among them is of the Women's Tennis Association(WTA). The UN has asked for proof of the tennis star.  WTA...

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