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“Curfew In The Night, Rallies In The Day, Beyond Understanding…” Varun Gandhi Raised Questions On The Government

BJP's Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi on Monday questioned the decision to impose night curfew and holding the election rallies in the day. He has said that imposing curfew at night and calling lakhs of people in rallies during the day is beyond the comprehension of common man. Recently, Varun's vocals have been outside the party line. He had also been in support of the agitating farmers on the issues of agricultural laws. Varun Gandhi tweeted on Monday - 'Imposing curfew at night and calling lakhs of people in rallies during the day - this is beyond the comprehension of common people.' In the same tweet, he said, "In view of the limited health systems of Uttar Pradesh, we have to honestly decide whether our priority is to stop the spread of the dreaded Omicron or show electoral power." ...

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Night Curfew: A Political Satire To Restrain The Covid-19 Spread

Night Curfew is a term which has become synonymous with Covid-19. Whenever there is a rise in cases of corona all states one by one start imposing their own deadlines. But the irony is this that these politicians when stages a rally of thousands forgets the presence of the pandemic. On one hand these politicians keep reminding us that we have to stay vigilant to stay protected but they are the ones who sets the opposite example in real life. Moreover there is no significant scientific data to show that night curfew can cut down the spread of infection. It seems more like joining a bandwagon rather than a step for precaution taken by these political parties. PM Modi addressing the rally in UP recently Night Curfew: How Much It Can Help In Preventing Spread Of Covid-19 Several Sta...

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