Barbados Is Officially A Republic: Becomes The Latest Country To Ditch British Monarchy

Barbados ditches one more vestige of colonial rule. Formally bids adieu to the yoke of British monarchy. The island nation declared itself a republic at the stroke of the midnight hour on 30th November 2021 Prince Charles receives the Order of Freedom of Barbados, from president Sandra Mason. Midnight: Darkness encompasses Savannah... then the Barbados flag emerges.” -The Advocate, Nov 30th 1966. On the 30th of November 1966, the picturesque, Caribbean island nation of Barbados threw off the first shackles of colonial rule, declaring independence at the midnight hour. The words quoted above, taken from the Bajan newspaper ‘The Advocate’ describes the moment when the British Union flag was lowered, and following a minute of darkness, the flag of Barbados was revealed fluttering pr...

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