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Unvaccinated Novak’s Visa Revoked Again By The Australian Government, Details Inside.

Unvaccinated Novak's visa was revoked for the second time in a row by the Australian government. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke announces the decision in a statement on Friday. But still, this does not mean that Novak will depart from Australia as the decision can be challenged by his legal time. As of now the chances of Novak's participation in the Australian Open are narrowing sharply. This can put an end to the dream of Novak's 21st Grand Slam Win. UNVACCINATED NOVAK'S VISA WAS REVOKED AGAIN Why Is Novak's Visa Revoked ? The Australian government clearly states that the decision is based upon health and good order grounds. The decision is taken under Section 133C(3) of the Migration act to cancel the visa. Alex Hake says " in making the decision, I carefully considered infor...

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