Suicide Incidents Increasing In India: Let’s Understand Reasons

Just a few days from today, September 10 will be celebrated as World Suicide Prevention Day, which aims to prevent suicide, but recently released data shows a sharp increase in the suicide rate. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a total of 1,53,052 cases of suicide were registered in India in 2020, while a total of 1,64,033 cases were registered in 2021, up seven per cent. Maharashtra has the highest number of suicide cases. Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh have been ranked second and third.

Suicidal ideation is a common problem and most people feel it when they are going through some stress or depression. The causes of suicide vary in different cultures and sections of society, but we must keep in mind that suicide is the most preventable cause of death. That is, it can be stopped. Suicide attempts are often just a call for help and are now increasingly seen as a psychological emergency. We all have a responsibility to prevent suicide.

Family and Society needs to be responsible

Preventing suicide is not the job of the government and the government cannot even do this work. It is the responsibility of the family and society. The biggest responsibility lies with the family. Loneliness, intense competition in education and career, failure in love, diseases, not getting expected results, negative home environment, poverty, debt burden are many reasons which lead people to depression. The symptoms of depression are very clear. After going into depression, the body language, speech, behavior of the concerned person changes. These changes are visible, but the family and people around do not understand the illness of the victim.

Steps to follow when Suicidal Thoughts coming in mind

If the thoughts of suicide are coming in your mind, then sit with someone you trust and say all the things in your mind. Cry wholeheartedly, by doing this the thought of suicide is reduced from the heart. If you’re feeling hopeless or feel like you don’t deserve to live anymore. So remember that treatment can help you regain your outlook on life and make life better. Life definitely gives everyone a chance to improve themselves, but suicide takes away life itself.

It is necessary to understand the importance of life and avoid such ill-thoughts, because it does not solve the problem, on the contrary, it leaves your loved ones with wounds. Don’t waste your life, save it.