Russia-Ukraine Feud Continues: Fate To Be Decided By People In Occupied Land

Authorities in Kherson who were selected by Russia will petition Moscow to construct a military installation in the province. Russia has established a new government and began circulating Russian roubles as a currency in the Kherson region of Crimea after successfully seizing control of that part of the peninsula.

Kirill Stremousov, who is the deputy head of Russia’s “civil-military regional administration” of Kherson, said that there needs to be a Russian military post in the surrounding region.

“The Kherson region will become a subject of the Russian Federation,” said Stremousov, but he disputed that there would be any form of a referendum on the topic in the near future.

According to his reasoning, “Conducting a referendum at this time would be a waste of time considering that Western countries would not recognise the results anyhow.”

According to statements made by the Kremlin, “the will of the people” will decide whether or not the seized lands in the southern part of Ukraine become part of Russia.

After beginning their invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, Russian troops quickly took control of the city of Kherson, which is located in the country’s south and serves as an important land crossing. This gave them the ability to take control of Crimea.

On Tuesday, the Russian Parliament gave a measure that would enable the Kremlin to appoint new CEOs for global firms that withdrew from Russia as a result of its invasion of Ukraine its preliminary approval.