Road Ahead For Congress More Challenging Than Ever Before

When the Congress Party’s parliamentary party met for the first time this year, Sonia Gandhi, its president, made a speech in which she lambasted the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

She said that the ruling party pursued a “divisive agenda,” which she defined as one of the common components of political discourse in every state, including her own, in which she lived.


Later in her speech, she said that the ruling party had “mischievously twisted” history in order to mislead the public and intensify their political aspirations. Mrs. Gandhi went on to say that the government takes use of the power of administration to instil a sense of terror and intimidation in the hearts and minds of the general populace.


For her part, she emphasised the necessity for unity throughout the party’s ranks in order to derail the government’s programme, and she projected that the party will face greater obstacles in the future than it has had in the past. She went on to remark that the tenacity of the party’s personnel had been put to the test, and she expressed her concern over their displeasure as a consequence of the party’s election defeat.

She reassured the members of the party that the CWC had received a large number of ideas, all of which needed to be considered in order to produce a good conclusion.

She focussed on staying on the same page as Shivir in order to guarantee that her colleagues and party officials delivered better performances in the next days and weeks.

According to Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the “Mehgaai-Mukt Bharat Campaign” is necessary in order to raise public awareness about price spikes in petroleum items like as gasoline, fertilisers, and other important necessities.

Senior party members who have stepped down from their positions in the House of Commons were lauded by Gandhi, who expressed his hope that they would remain linked with the party in order to give extra assistance.