Rajasthan Elections: BJP Takes On Congress With ‘Commission Sarkar’ Accusation, Power Struggle Adds Complexity

The BJP takes on Congress own medicine by replicating the Karnataka strategy in Rajasthan elections. In an significant development at the 1st june Ajmer rally of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused Congress of taking 85% commission in each development project and looting every citizen including poor, oppressed, tribals, minorities, women and Divyangs.

It’s worth mentioning the Congress’ accusation of a ‘40% commission Sarkar’ played a crucial role in Karnataka’s successful outcome. The party might have recognized the significance of the accusation’s success in Karnataka, leading them to consider using it in Rajasthan.

What Strategies are being used to Woo Voters Ahead of Elections?

With December approaching and the Rajasthan electoral contest in full swing, both major parties fervently court voters with their pitches. Both parties are yet to unveil voter-winning strategies as the Rajasthan elections draw closer.  Though it seems Congress will focus on its achievements during the 5 year rule. The extensive announcements of subsidized gas, free electricity, Chiranjeevi Yojana, and Mehngayi Rahat Camp provoke opposition protests.

BJP’s Uphill Battle: Tackling Congress and Internal Struggles Ahead of Rajasthan Elections

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On the other hand, BJP is fighting back with the same message of ‘85% commision sarkar’. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) appears to be facing challenges in effectively countering Congress in Rajasthan. As the elections approach in just six months, the BJP is grappling to formulate a compelling agenda to challenge the Congress government.

The BJP faces woes: infighting, unclear agenda, heavy reliance on Modi-Shah brand, with just 6 months left for elections. BJP’s rally mobilization against Congress falters; relying on anti-incumbency factor for electoral advantage. Rajasthan’s history of not re-electing governments for 20+ years has the BJP banking on this trend for electoral advantage. A positive sign emerged as Modi and Scindia warmly greeted each other during the Ajmer rally, indicating a renewed camaraderie.. The BJP seems to be relying on Scindia’s rekindled charisma, potentially banking on her appeal to gain electoral advantage.

Is Congress able to Steadfastly Carry Forward the Crucial Battle from Karnataka Questioned?

Ashok Gehlot can be a matchwinner here.

The Rajasthan polls could serve as a crucial indicator for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, carrying significant political implications. The Congress faces a daunting challenge with the ongoing Gehlot-Pilot power struggle, which could adversely impact the party’s prospects. Following Monday’s meeting in Delhi, another storm brewed as Pilot remained non-committal regarding a joint truce with Gehlot. On 2nd June, Jairam Ramesh asserted the supremacy of the party in Rajasthan, stating that the elections will be fought unitedly.  Congress is fully into largesse mode in Rajasthan with a huge bouquet of welfare schemes given to the state. But a high crime rate and a dissatisfied segment of the society may mar its prospects.

In conclusion, the political landscape in Rajasthan is heating up as the Congress and the BJP engage in a fierce battle ahead of the upcoming elections. Both parties are employing different strategies to woo voters, with the BJP attempting to give the Congress a taste of its own medicine by using the “commission Sarkar” accusation that had proven successful in Karnataka. Meanwhile, the Congress is focusing on its achievements during its five-year rule in Rajasthan, announcing various welfare schemes to gain public support. The power struggle within the Congress between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot adds another layer of complexity to the party’s prospects. As the Rajasthan polls serve as a crucial indicator for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the outcomes will have significant political implications. Only time will tell which party emerges victorious in this highly contested battle for power.