Rahul Gandhi’s Net Worth Is In Crores, Did M.Phil From Trinity College And Is A Trained Aikido Martial Artist!!

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is in discussion these days. This time the opposition has targeted Rahul Gandhi’s clothes. According to media reports, the opposition has claimed that the cost of Rahul Gandhi’s T-shirt is more than Rs 41 thousand. His T-shirt collection is said to be very expensive. It is being said that Rahul Gandhi’s clothes are of Burberry brand. This brand is very old and expensive brand in the world. The question is, after all, if one of his T-shirts is being told of thousands, then how much would Rahul Gandhi earn?

Rahul Gandhi is a well known name. He has been the President of the Indian National Congress, although he himself resigned from this post. He was the MP of Amethi, but later lost the election to Smriti Irani and dropped out of UP politics. Priyanka Gandhi was made the emerging face of UP politics. Whereas Rahul Gandhi is the face of the national politics of Congress.

Education of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi was born on 19 June 1970 in New Delhi. His father is Rajiv Gandhi and his mother is Sonia Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi is the grandson of Indira Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi. He completed his early education in the year 1989 from St Stephen’s College, Delhi. After the first year of graduation, Rahul Gandhi joined Harvard University and did his further studies abroad. After the death of his father, Rahul shifted to Rollins College in Florida for protective reasons. Here Rahul took his education by hiding identity. Only the college administration and security agency knew about his hidden identity. Here he studied as Raul Vinci. Later, Rahul Gandhi obtained an M Phil degree from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1995.

Very few people knew that Rahul Gandhi has taken training in the Japanese martial art ‘Aikido’. In Aikido martial art, a person is taught the art of defeating his opponent without any weapon. Rahul Gandhi, who has crossed 50 years of age, still looks quite fit. He does cycling every morning. Apart from this, his favorite activities are swimming and scuba diving. Rahul daily visits the gym and works out. Last year at a school in Kanyakumari, Rahul did push-ups on stage in front of everyone and gave fitness mantras to the students.

The routine life of MP Rahul Gandhi is quite simple. He takes healthy diet. Apart from idli-dosa and sambar, he likes to consume dry fruits in breakfast. At the same time, lemonade are taken to stay fit. In lunch and dinner, he is fond of eating South Indian food apart from lentils, rice, roti and vegetables. Along with eating vegetarian, Rahul also eats non-veg food.

Net worth of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is counted among one of the richest politicians due to his belonging to the Gandhi family, although according to the letter filed in the affidavit, the net worth of Rahul Gandhi is said to be around Rs 16 crore. According to media reports, Rahul Gandhi earns Rs 10 lakh a month.