PM Modi Talks Of That Congress Which He Thinks Is Rejected: Rahul Gandhi Hits Bull’s Eye


Rahul Gandhi’s speech in the Lok Sabha has been making a stir on social media and among political circles. The common man seems to be impressed with the relevant topics Rahul Gandhi raised in his speech. He talked about the ‘two Indias’ that Modi Ji is creating as the divide between the poor and the rich is ever increasing.

He also spoke about the negligence of different states and Modi Ji behaving like a ‘King’ or a ‘ruler’. Unemployment, farmer’s issues, the India-China relationship, privatization of PSUs under the Modi government and many more issues were touched upon by Rahul Gandhi in his speech.

“I had raised three important issues. First, the PM has created two Indias – an extremely rich India and one for the vast majority of people that has no hope has unemployment and faces rising prices. Second, the PM is attacking and destroying India’s institutions and third, he is putting India at risk because he has got a bankrupt foreign policy that has allowed China and Pakistan to get together. But the PM did not address any of these issues,” he said.

Further, Rahul Gandhi went on to talk about how BJP and PM Modi is obsessed with talking about Congress. He suggested PM Modi in doing his job.

“If you [PM Modi] like abusing Congress or Nehru, be my guest. But at least do your job. The PM is scared because we speak the truth. My great grandfather served this country. He gave his entire life to the country. I don’t need a certificate from the PM for my great grandfather,” he said.

The latest vote of thanks speech by the PM was not focused on the plight and pain of the common man. Instead, it focused on the plight and deteriorating state of the Congress party. He accused the party of giving rail tickets to migrant labourers during the pandemic. So that they can send people away and propagate their own agenda during the pandemic.

According to experts, PM Modi’s speech reflects the BJP government’s lack of knowledge of the ground reality. PM Modi not only blamed Congress, but he also blamed AAP for their approach to managing COVID-19 patients. Irrespective of the fact that his own party admitted in the parliament that no one died due to lack of oxygen in the second wave of the pandemic. Recently in the parliament, BJP answered that they have no data and any information regarding the dead bodies floating in the Ganga during the second wave of COVID-19.

PM Targets Congress To Divert From Real Issues

Amid the anticipation of PM Modi talking more about the burning issues of the nation, he was primarily focused on discrediting the Opposition.

Considering the plight of different governments, major incidents are reported from states governed by BJP. The Railway Recruitment row in Bihar, Hijab Row in Karnataka or Farmers’ protests. Issues like Dharam Sansad, hate speeches against minorities among others, all such issues are flooding the social media. The news headlines every day yet the Centre fails to make use of a platform to discuss these issues.


The latest data from CMIE shows unemployment at its peak. India has slipped down on its hunger index. MSMEs are suffering big losses. Farmers’ protests continued for more than a year under BJP rule in which, more than 700 farmers died. Recently the banks were protesting under the ‘Bank Bachao Desh Bachao’ banner against the policy by the Centre.

Time to time Rahul Gandhi has openly talked about the Democratic functioning lacking during BJP rule. Issues like Pegasus, MSP for farmers, China intrusion in Indian boundaries, Unemployment, Hijab Row, and many more issues.