PM Modi Is Owner Of Crores Of Assets, Know About His Net Worth, The Properties He Own, And About His Investments Here!!

Today is the birthday of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi turns 72 today. Let us know how much wealth does the Prime Minister have? Where is his house? What are the things he has invested in? Recently, complete information about this has been given by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Das Modi, who is the Prime Minister of the country, has a total assets of Rs 2.23 crore (2,23,82,504). This information has been given by the PM’s Office. According to this information, during the last one year, the PM’s assets have increased by about Rs 26 lakh.

According to PMO, out of the Rs 2.23 crore present with the PM, most of the money is deposited in his different bank accounts. According to the information, the PM does not have any immovable property. Earlier he had a land in partnership with someone in Gandhinagar, now he has donated his share in this land.

According to media reports, Prime Minister has not invested in any stocks, bonds or mutual funds. He doesn’t even own his private vehicle. Although the Prime Minister definitely has four gold rings worth Rs 1.73 lakh. Let us inform you that the information related to the declared properties of PM Modi till 31 March 2022 has been shared on the website of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Shortly after becoming the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he bought residential land in October 2002 in partnership. He was the third shareholder in this residential land. According to reports, he no longer has any ownership rights on this real estate survey number 401/a, as he has donated his share of the land.

As on March 31, 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has Rs 35,250 in cash. Apart from this, Rs 9,05,105 is deposited in his post office account in the form of National Savings Certificate (NSC). He has also taken a life insurance policy of Rs 1,89,305.