PM Modi Declares BJP’s 2024 Election Agenda To Be Corruption & Respect For Women, What Do You Think About It!!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address from the ramparts of the Red Fort on Independence Day, has clarified the agenda of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He has indicated that the BJP will fight this battle on the basis of “action taken on corruption”. The PM’s address also indicates that the crackdown on corrupt leaders will continue without being distracted by the opposition’s allegations of political abuse by the ED-CBI. That is, the difficulties of opposition leaders may increase in the coming days. By raising the issue of respect for women, the Prime Minister has indicated that women oriented schemes are going to remain in the prominence of the central government in the coming times as well. This can open the way for his return to power in 2024.

The Prime Minister has described corruption as a hindrance in the way forward for the deserving youth in other areas as well. He has told with examples that as soon as nepotism and corruption were eradicated from the world of sports, the youth made India a great force in the world of sports. He has indicated that similarly, the eradication of corruption and nepotism from other areas will make the path of qualified youth easier in that area. This also makes it clear that even in non-political areas, strict action will be taken against corrupt people. This will strengthen the image of PM Narendra Modi among the youth.

The Prime Minister has seriously raised the issue of ‘respect for women’. He has said that even in public life, people insult women. This not only insults women, but it also hinders the development of the country and society. He has clarified that if the country has to dream of becoming a developed nation in 2047, then this task will remain incomplete without the participation of women. He has clarified that if women are given a proper role, it will make the resolve to make India a developed nation easier. This also indicates that women oriented schemes are going to remain prominent in the schemes of the central government in the coming years. Women also played a major role in the BJP’s return to power in 2019.

For the last few days, ED and CBI’s action against the leaders of the opposition is going on continuously. From UP, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand to many parts of the country, action has been taken against the leaders of opposition parties or their close ones. Hundreds of crores of cash, huge amount of gold jewelery and movable and immovable properties have been recovered in these operations. Since, this action has mostly taken on the leaders of opposition parties or people close to them, the opposition has been alleging that it was aimed at intimidating the opposition and gaining power in the state.

But this allegation is not entirely true. The central government has taken action against corrupt people in many fields including politics. It was started by forcibly retiring corrupt officials who had roots in the administration of the central government. Later similar action has been taken in other non-political areas as well.