PM Modi Became World’s Second Most Followed Leader On Twitter, Read To Know More!!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi turns 72 today. On 26 May 2014, he was sworn in as the Prime Minister for the first time. After this, he became the Prime Minister again in 2019. Prior to this, he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014. During his prime ministerial tenure of eight years, Narendra Modi’s name was associated with many big achievements. One such achievement was related to his name through social media.

World’s second most followed leader on Twitter

Narendra Modi is the second such politician in the world, who has the highest number of followers on the social media platform Twitter. As of today, Modi has more than eight crores 25 lakh Twitter followers. Out of these, about seven crores 40 lakh followers have increased after Modi became the Prime Minister. More than Modi, only former US President Barack Obama has followers. Barack Obama currently has 1.32 million followers. Barack Obama had created his account on Twitter two years before Modi. Obama created his account in 2007 and Modi in 2009.

PM Modi’s Twitter account was created in the year 2009. Initially, the username of his Twitter account was @Narendra_Modi, which was later changed to @narendramodi on 13 October 2009 itself. For this, Modi thanked Abhishek Desai from his account. It is said that Abhishek Desai used to handle Modi’s social media. At that time PM Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. A total of 50 tweets were made by PM Modi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat in a year.

Modi used to reply to Tweets earlier also. For the first time on 13 July 2009, he replied to a user. Actually, PM Modi had given information about some program in Gujarati language. On which a user, Vishwas Saxena wrote that Narendra Modi sir, please update it in English or Hindi. I do not understand Gujarati. To this, Modi responded immediately and also shared a link.

The year Narendra Modi created an account on Twitter, he used to update only in three languages. It had Hindi, Gujarati, and English languages. Narendra Modi’s Twitter users grew very fast after he was declared the prime ministerial candidate by the NDA in 2013. Before 2014, he had around 4 million followers, which grew by 54.45 percent to 8.5 million in a year. At that time, the maximum number of Twitter users in the country had grown from Modi. In this case, Aamir Khan was at number two. Aamir’s followers increased by 39.82%. At number three was Amitabh Bachchan, whose followers increased by 31.74%.