Passion Murder: Police Investigates Dombivli Murder, Suicide With A Different Angle

Anita Kale noticed that her sister Lalita, who had retired to her bedroom in Palava city in Dombivli the night before with her boyfriend Anil Salunke, had not come out even once on the morning of Tuesday, May 31, 2022, after their mother had left for work.

This was after Anita Kale’s mother had left for work. She rang the bell. When she did not get a response, she alerted her neighbors and they, one at a time, informed the local Manpada Police. She eventually got a response.

A group of law enforcement officers arrived and forced open the door, where they saw Lalita Kale lying dead and Saluke hanging from a nylon rope. The police were skeptical that he had used the same rope to suffocate vegetables.
As evidence of the crime, the police in Manpada filed a murder charge against Salunke in addition to a suicide charge.

Shekhar Bagade, the senior inspector of the Manpada police station, said that previous investigation has shown that kale made the decision to marry someone else after learning that Anil was already married. This decision infuriated him, which resulted in the murder, Shekhar Bagade added.

Anil Salunke was the proprietor of a little business, and his girlfriend, Lalita Kale, was gainfully employed by a private company. According to the statements made by the police, Kale resided in a leased apartment at Casa Rio Gold in the complex with her mother and younger sister. They had been dating for five years, during which time Salunke made many visits to the apartment he shared with his girlfriend.