Parliament Now Bans Pamphlets, Leaflets And Placards Inside Complex; How Can It Change Proceedings Of Upcoming Session?

After a controversial list of ‘unparliamentary’ words, the Lok Sabha secretariat issued another advisory prohibiting the distribution of any placards, pamphlets, or leaflets in the House in the monsoon session. The advisory came in feedback to the Opposition creating ruckus at the Parliament complex for not being permitted to hold dharna and demonstrations.
As per established convention, no literature, pamphlets, Press notes questionnaire, leaflets, or any matter printed or otherwise should be distributed without the Hon’ble Speaker’s prior permission within the House’s precincts. Placards are also strictly restricted inside the Parliament House Complex.

A previous bulletin had already barricaded them from any dharna, strike, fast”demonstration, or performing any religious rituals in the precinct of the Parliament House.

Congress general secretary and the party’s chief whip in Rajya Sabha, Jairam Ramesh, was among the first to criticise the revisions on Twitter.
Communist Party of India-Marxist leader Sitaram Yechury also responds to the decision. “What a farce. An effort to muzzle the soul of India, its democracy and voice will fall flat,” he tweeted.

The past few Parliament sessions, specifically in the Rajya Sabha, saw massive uproar from the opposition parties, who sprinted placards and pamphlets, throwing them at the Chair or walking out of the House with placards to stage a dharna and disrupting the parliamentary discussions.

There have been instances when Opposition members were seen holding a placard to their seats in the well, persistently drawing the ire of the Chairs in the Houses.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat had on 14 July released a revised booklet of the list of expressions and words to be considered unparliamentary in both Houses. The list stirred controversy as it included commonly used terms like ‘corruption’, ‘corrupt’, ‘Jumlajeevi’, ‘tanashah’, ‘Dictator’, and ‘black’, among others.
It even included the words ashamed, criminal, drama, bloodshed, hooliganism, abused, betrayed, hypocrisy, and incompetent when used in a specific context.