Northeastern Ashta Lakshmi’s AFSPA Reforms And Partial Settlement Of The Assam-Meghalaya Border May Change The Game!

Last week’s events in the Northeastern states were a watershed moment in history. The chief ministers of Assam and Meghalaya agreed to settle boundary disputes in six of the twelve disputed areas, reducing the area covered by the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).

Ashta Lakshmi, coined by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, refers to the eight Indian states. Many stalled infrastructure projects have been expedited, which is to the credit of the NDA administration in power at the national level.

In spite of the fact that Parliament must yet ratify the mutually agreed-upon border solution, this was the first time a problem that had generated friction and even violence at the border had been elevated to the level of CMs.

Members of a regional committee also went out into the disputed territories and spoke with the people there, asking them which side of the line they wanted to be on. Several infrastructure-related projects in the area were also expedited by Prime Minister Modi in order to demonstrate the NDA’s dominance on the national stage.

With the Act East Policy, he emphasised on the development of the surrounding region and adjacent territories. Additionally, BJP President Amit Shah said that these eight states would be the largest financiers in the coming days, which is a significant advancement in the political arena.

Other than in the realm of information technology, Shah has said that the development of these states would take place in the domains of rail and road connections, energy production, and the industrial sector.

According to Amit Shah, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, the future of medical facilities in the North-East is fairly promising, given the fact that 19 cancer care institutions will be established in the states with the assistance of the Tata Trust, according to the minister. After Shah’s narration, the importance of missions like as Ayushman Bharat and “Mission Indradhanush” were also emphasised throughout the case.

Because the BJP dominates every state in the North-east, with the exception of Mizoram, they are taking their time in their attempts to consolidate their hold on the region’s territory, which is understandable given their overwhelming power in the region.