Modi May Help A Fractured Opposition Learn The Democratic Connotation!

In spite of setbacks in Delhi and Himachal Pradesh, the BJP’s overwhelming victory in Gujarat proved once again that Narendra Modi is to the voting booth what Amitabh Bachchan is to the movie office: an absolute guarantee of massive financial success.

The PM’s decision to prioritise development above populist handouts was a major factor in the lotus party’s resounding victory in the state election. However, the Opposition, represented by AAP and Congress, contributed to the saffron juggernaut by failing to show a united front and splitting any anti-incumbency votes. This made a BJP victory inevitable.

The Opposition has often proven to be more divisive within itself than it is with its purported electoral foe. As a result, the dance of democracy, which is supposed to be a planned tango for two or more, too often devolves into an Opposition-internal tug-of-war, handing a walkover to the BJP. Since a strong opposition is necessary for any democracy to function, this is bad politics.

To add insult to injury, watching elections has become a spectator sport on par with IPL matches, which is about as entertaining as watching a school of minnows get smashed by a whale. What, Team Modi just keeps winning? Ok, so what’s the latest?

In the interest of true sportsmanship, as well as the greater good of democracy and viewer entertainment, Prime Minister Modi and his trusted lieutenant, Amit Shah, might want to consider giving a few informal training classes to their electoral rivals on how to win friendly allies and influence polls.

To this purpose, it could be considered altruistic to offer free online tutoring sessions based on the successful JEET lessons that have been widely publicised for their role in helping students pass exams.

In addition to being consistent with the PM’s motto, “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas,” a gesture of goodwill like this would also be appreciated by the general public. Due to the nature of the ‘Sab,’ the Opposition should also be afforded the chance of ‘Vikas’ in the shape of a helpful hint or two.