Matilda Kullu, ASHA Worker And Corona Warrior, Enters FORBES INDIA W- Power List 2021


Matilda kullu , an ASHA worker from Odisha bags the 3rd position of the most powerful women in India. She is 45 year old and receives this great recognition for her supreme work during Corona outbreak in Odisha. She works for Baragoan Tehsil of Sundargarh District, Odisha. CM of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik congratulates her on twitter. He said in his tweet, “She represents thousands of dedicated COVID warriors who are at the forefront to save precious lives.”

CM Naveen Patnaik congratulates Matilda Kullu

Matilda Kullu Role as an ASHA worker :

As a health worker Matilda has to perform various activities, but during Covid pandemic her first job was to identify COVID patients . So that such patients gets treatment as soon as possible. As early detection also helped in isolation of Covid patients was also important as stated by Matilda.

While working during pandemic Matilda herself got infected during the second wave. But, she recovered soon and joined work within few days and infact added extra effort too. We all know that ASHA workers are the backbone of our health care system in rural India. Matilda has many roles to play while interacting with people especially during pandemic. Matilda has too spread and create awareness about the healthcare services. Besides that she assisted in Immunization programme, Vaccination programme, Sanitization, pre and post natal check ups, medical care of pregnant and nursing mothers.

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One very important role which ASHA workers like Matilda perform is holding surveys and collecting data. These workers are the main bridge to send medical and healthcare facilities in rural India. Their data and feedback forms the base to apply the measures available to us in healthcare field. But despite of doing such prominent and important work for our healthcare system , wages of ASHA workers are vey low. Matilda herself earns Rs 4500 as an ASHA worker, which by any means is not sufficient for such a laborious and diifcult job.


Matilda Kullu Challenges as an ASHA worker :

  • As an ASHA worker community resistance and social, religious beliefs are difficult to overcome.
  • Very less or Irregular income.
  • Transport and communication restrictions.
  • Work load and excessive stress.
  • Exposure to the risk of getting infected is very high in these workers due to direct contact with patients.
  • Lack of proper training and infrastructure facilities also demotivate workers.
  • Lack of appreciation and respect towards them also demotivates them.