Manish Sisodia Moves Supreme Court Challenging Arrest By CBI In Delhi Liquor Policy Case: Checkout Deets!!!

Today the SC, the appeal for an urgent hearing is probably going to be raised. Manish Sisodia, the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party and deputy chief minister of Delhi, has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court contesting the CBI’s decision to arrest him in connection with the Delhi liquor policy issue. It also stated that the petition for an urgent hearing will likely be considered in the SC today.

The federal investigation agency detained Manish Sisodia on Sunday for alleged corruption in the Delhi liquor policy case after questioning him for nearly eight hours about various facets of the excise policy, which was abandoned for the 2021–2022 fiscal year. The investigating agency asserted that the policy, which reportedly served to favour those with connections to the AAP, had flaws in both its creation and implementation.

He was presented to a special court on Monday, when he was given a five-day detention order by CBI. Manish Sisodia must be detained by the CBI till March 4 in order to conduct interrogations, according to a court ruling. Manish Sisodia’s legal team questioned whether the arrest was undertaken with an “ulterior purpose” and said that the situation represents an assault on both the person and the institution.

They asserted that the central investigation agency was targeting the elected administration and that the Delhi lieutenant governor had approved the modifications to the excise policy. They contended that there was no evidence against Sisodia and opposed the CBI’s plea for his detention. Special judge M K Nagpal accepted the CBI’s request for Sisodia to be questioned in a jail environment after listening to arguments from both sides during the hearing, which lasted for more than an hour. For some time, he held off on placing the order.