Like Football, Players Will Change During The Match In Cricket, Know What Is The New Rule Of BCCI!!

To increase the excitement of the game of cricket, the cricket boards of all the countries and the ICC constantly try their best. Under this, BCCI is preparing to bring a new rule. According to this new rule, in every match the captains of both the teams will name 15 players for the match instead of 11. This rule will be impact Player. This rule will be applicable in India’s domestic matches. Its effect and the changes in the game due to its arrival will be reviewed. If all goes well, it will also be brought in IPL, and in the future ICC may approve it in international cricket as well.

The Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy is starting from October 11 and this rule can be implemented for the first time in this tournament. Australia’s T20 league Big Bash already has a similar rule. It is named X Factor. According to this rule, there will be 13 players in each team and according to the need, the coach and captain can change any one player before the 10th over of the first innings. However, the same player can be replaced by a new player who has not batted yet and has not bowled more than one over.

BCCI circular issued

The BCCI has issued a circular to the cricket boards of all the states, in which information related to this rule has been given. It has been said that in view of the increasing popularity of T20, preparations are being made to bring something new.

What ‘Impact Player’ Rules?

Under this rule comes, the captains of both the teams will tell their team of 11 players at the time of toss and will also give the names of four substitute players. Any one of these four players can be included in the team as an impact player during the match. In such a situation, the player who will be substituted will be out of the match, and the rest of the match will be played by the new player. The same impact player will also field during the match. The captain or team management must notify the umpire before using the Impact Player and substituting the previous player.

A team with a bowler as an impact player, then he will be allowed to bowl full four overs. It doesn’t matter how many overs he has bowled. Both the teams will be able to use the impact player before the 14th over of the innings.