Know About These 5 poorest MLAs of Uttar Pradesh

Only those with money and muscle power are successful in politics, the luck of the leaders connected with the land also shines. Today, we are going to tell you about ten such leaders, whose pockets were empty, but reached the Assembly after winning the 2017 elections.

Many of these MLAs did not have a house, while some did not have a car. However, leaders make crores of assets after becoming councillors. These ten MLAs are still setting an example for others. Of these 5 poorest MLAs of Uttar Pradesh, 4 are from the Bharatiya Janata Party and one from the Congress.

BJP Has Highest Number Of Crorepati MLAs

Of the 304 BJP MLAs, 235 are crorepatis. 42 out of 49 MLAs of the Samajwadi Party and 15 out of 16 of BSP are crorepatis. Similarly, five out of seven MLAs of Congress and seven out of nine MLAs of Apna Dal Sonelal are crorepatis. The average assets of MLAs who won elections in 2017 are Rs 5.85 crore.

Ajay Kumar Lallu

Ajay Kumar Lallu, who won from Tamkuhi Raj assembly seat of Kushinagar on a Congress ticket, is also the President of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee. Ajay Lallu has movable assets worth Rs 3.29 lakh. This means that this is the total deposited capital of cash, bank accounts and other investments. Lallu does not have anything in the name of immovable property.

  • There is neither a house nor any land in the name of Ajay Lallu.
  • According to the affidavit given in 2017, the Congress MLA had Rs 1.50 lakh in cash and Rs 1.25 lakh in jewelry.
  • Although Ajay has a motorcycle and a Scorpio car in his name.
  • Ajay has 16 criminal cases pending against him.
  • He has a debt of Rs 5.50 lakh.
  • He has studied till post graduation.

Dhananjay Kanojia

  • Dhananjay, who won the 2017 election from Belthara Road in Ballia on a BJP ticket, has movable assets worth Rs 3.77 lakh. Dhananjay does not have any house, house or land in his name.
  • Dhananjay has shown his income as zero in 2016-17.
  • There is no criminal case registered against Dhananjay.
  • Dhananjay does not have any car.
  • According to the affidavit given in 2017, Dhananjay had 45000 cash and his wife 25000 cash.
  • Dhananjay has described his profession as social service. He does not have any house or land in his name.

Vijay Kumar Rajbhar

  • Vijay Kumar Rajbhar, who won the 2019 by-election from Mau’s Ghosi, is the third poorest MLA in Uttar Pradesh. He has total movable assets worth Rs 4.09 lakh. There is no house, house and land in Vijay’s name. Vijay had won this election on a BJP ticket.
  • Vijay is a graduate.
  • According to the affidavit given in 2017, Vijay had 30 thousand rupees and his wife 10 thousand rupees in cash.
  • Vijay has a scooty and a bike.
  • Vijay’s wife has jewelry worth 90 thousand rupees.
  • Vijay had shown his total movable assets to be Rs 1.63 lakh, while the wife has movable assets of Rs 2.46 lakh.
  • There is no land or house in the name of Vijay and his wife.


  • Manisha, who won the 2017 election from the Rath assembly constituency of Hamirpur, is the fourth poorest MLA in UP. Manisha has assets worth Rs 6.33 lakh. She won the election on BJP ticket.
  • 40-year-old Manisha has studied MSc from Bundelkhand University.
  • Manisha had shown her income as zero in 2016-17.
  • Manisha had 30 thousand rupees in cash then, while her husband had 40 thousand rupees.
  • In 2017, Manisha’s husband had Rs 3.59 lakh in four different banks.
  • Manisha’s husband has got LIC done for Rs 4.50 lakh.
  • Manisha has jewelery worth Rs 5 lakh.
  • Manisha does not have any land, house or house in her name.


  • Anoop, who won the election from Aligarh’s Khair assembly seat, is a 10th pass. Anoop has movable and immovable assets worth Rs 10.20 lakh. Anoop had won the election in 2017 on a BJP ticket.
  • Anoop had Rs 1 lakh in cash in 2017 and his wife Rs 1.50 lakh in cash.
  • According to the affidavit given in 2017, Anoop’s wife has jewelery worth Rs 3 lakh.
  • Anoop has land worth six lakh rupees. He has taken a loan of Rs 1 lakh from the bank.