Judiciary Only Accountable To Constitution: CJI Ramana

Social workers and journalists are being arrested in one case after another. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the Narendra Modi government. Now the country’s judiciary can give some relief to the various camps. Standing on American soil in this situation, Chief Justice NV Ramana said that the judiciary has responsibility only toward the Constitution.

Chief Justice Ramana was received today at an event in San Francisco by American citizens of Indian descent. “We are celebrating the 75th anniversary of our independence,” Ramna said on the occasion. The age of the Republic of India is 72. Different institutions have been given different roles and responsibilities in our constitution. Sadly, we are not aware of them.”

According to the Chief Justice, “the ruling party thinks that all the work of the government will get the seal of the court. Opposition parties want the court to help them achieve their political goals. There is no correct idea among the people about the constitution and the functioning of democratic institutions. As a result, such misconceptions have been created in all the camps.”

According to Justice Ramana, “Ignorance has been spread among the common people. As a result, all the forces that want to suppress the judiciary, the only neutral organ of Indian democracy, are benefiting. I am clear that the judiciary is accountable only to the constitution. In order to achieve the balance set out in the constitution, it is necessary to create a constitutional culture in India. Awareness needs to be raised about the role of different individuals and organizations. People’s participation is the key to democracy.”

He also added, “India and America are known for diversity. This diversity must be respected. His message to Americans of Indian descent is, “Because America respects diversity, you have come here to establish yourself as a result of hard work and skill.” Talented people from different types of families need to be respected. Only then can the trust of all sections of society be achieved. This policy should be followed by all countries of the world, including India. The principle of inclusiveness is the key to peace and prosperity. Please remember, you can be a millionaire. But peace is needed to enjoy that wealth. In India, your parents should also be able to live in a society where there is no place for hatred and violence.”