Jio 5G Phone Will Be Launched In Partnership With Google Announces Mukesh Ambani!!

The 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM 2022) of Reliance Industries Limited was held today. AGM 2022 began virtually at 2 pm. This Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries is held every year in the month of August. In this AGM itself Jio was launched in 2016 and today Jio is the country’s largest telecom company followed by more than 400 million users. In today’s AGM too many big announcements have been made. Reliance AGM 2022 began with a keynote from Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani. The event was broadcast live on Jio’s YouTube channel as well as on their social media handles.

The Reliance company has announced partnerships with leading chipset makers Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung, Meta, Nokia, and Google. They says a cheaper 5G phone will be launched under the partnership of Google.

During this meeting, Mukesh Ambani told that today the number of customers of Jio has exceeded 421 million. He further said that on an average Jio customers are using an average of 20 GB data every month, which is double as compared to last year. Jio Fiber is also covering an area of ​​11,00,000 km. Two out of every three users in the country are using Jio Fiber. Mobile broadband service will be the best through upcoming Jio 5G. Very soon Jio 5G will also be launched in more than 100 cities. To make 100 million homes smart through Jio 5G they are all set.

Jio announced its new Stand Alone 5G, which the company has called Best 5G. Stand Alone 5G means that Jio will not use 4G infrastructure for its 5G services. Jio is the only operator to buy 5G spectrum in the premium bandwidth of 700 MHz across all the 22 telecom circles for the best coverage available. It is considered the best for 5G services. Along with this an announcement of investment of 2 lakh crores for Jio 5G. Jio’s 5G service will be launched on Diwali in metro cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata. And then Jio will launch 5G across the country by December 2023.

With the stand-alone 5G architecture, Reliance has claimed the best coverage. Let us tell you that countries like Australia, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa are also working on stand-alone network now. With stand-alone 5G network, Jio can provide services like low latency, mass machine-to-machine communication, 5G voice, edge computing and network slicing and metaverse. Stand-alone 5G is also known as True-5G network by Jio. So now let’s try to understand what is the difference between stand-alone and non-stand-alone?

Standalone 5G

Standalone 5G does not rely on LTE EPC to operate, but it connects the 5G radio to the cloud-native 5G core network. The 5G core itself is designed as a Service Based Architecture (SBA), which fully virtualizes the functions of the network. When it comes to the uses it is widely used for factory automation, autonomous vehicle operation, and 5G features in the enterprise. Standalone 5G network has been called a boon for digitization for industries. Simply saying, the best 5G experience requires ultra low latency and this is only possible with stand-alone 5G.

Non-Standalone 5G

Early rollouts of 5G networks give their customers high data transfer speeds by connecting a 5G radio access network (RAN) with an LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC), as 5G RAN relies on the 4G core network to control and manage signaling information and 4G RAN continues to work, it is called non-standalone architecture. Non-standalone 5G does not depend on 4G infrastructure.

Now overall, a separate infrastructure will be prepared for Standalone 5G, separate towers will be installed for this, so Jio has introduced Jio AIRFIBER for 5G coverage in homes and offices. The company that will provide this non-standalone 5G service will be able to provide service without installing a separate tower, although Vodafone Idea and Airtel have not said anything about the coverage of 5G yet. It is possible that the other two companies will also launch Standalone 5G soon.