Jahangirpuri Riots: Bulldozers Raze Illegal Properties After SC’s Order

Making a major move, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) on Wednesday ran a bulldozer on the unlawful (illegal) properties of the accused of Riots in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri.

In any case, this activity went on for 2 hours. The Supreme Court requested to keep up with business as usual while remaining the activity of MCD in Jahangirpuri. The MCD proceeded with the damage till an authority request was obtained.

The matter will be heard on Thursday. There was savagery in Jahangirpuri on Hanuman Jayanti. The North Delhi Municipal Corporation had declared to run tractors on April 20 and 21 against the infringement at the site of viciousness. Considering this activity, around 1,500 officers were sent.

The court has expanded the police guardianship of 4 blamed for Jahangirpuri savagery for 3 days. During the hearing about the case today, the court requested to broaden the police custody of 4 principals blamed for savagery, Ansar, Salim, Dilshad and Gulli, for an additional 3 days.

On the lines of Uttar Pradesh, the Samajwadi Party has designated BJP for the activity of bulldozers in Jahangirpuri, Delhi. Samajwadi Party tweeted, “Against the soul of the Constitution and the Supreme Court, the bulldozer Ganga Jamuni in Jahangirpuri, Delhi is another BJP endeavour to grab the bread of poor people, harmony, agreement and poor people, this message that crushes common liberties India on the world stage will discolour its social and popularity based legacy.”

Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi has objected to the bulldozer episode after the Jahangirpuri brutality. Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “This is an infringement of the established upsides of India. This is a state-supported focus on poor people and minorities. The BJP should rather eliminate the contempt in their souls.”

MCD has halted the mission against infringement in Jahangirpuri subsequent to getting the request from the Supreme Court.

Truth be told, the Supreme Court has placed a stay on the mission being gone against unlawful properties in Jahangirpuri. The Supreme Court will hear the matter tomorrow