India Cuts Palm Oil Imports By 33%; Know Its Reason, Impact

India has cut palm oil imports by 33.20% in May, taking the figure to 5,14,022 tons in May. However, during this period the import of RBD palm olein oil has been expanded. As per the industry body, Solvent Extractors Association (SEA), India is the world’s biggest merchant(importer) of vegetable oil. India imported 7,69,602 tons of palm oil in May 2021.

India’s total vegetable oil imports declined to 10,05,547 tons in May this year from 12,13,142 tons a year prior. It Makes sense that India supplies around 50% of the absolute vegetable oil imports from palm oil.

As per the SEA report, Indonesia removed the restriction on exports of palm oil products with specific circumstances on 23 May. Additionally, the tax on palm oil has decreased. In such a circumstance, it is normal that it will assist in increasing the export of palm oil from Indonesia. Likewise, the impact can be visible in the worldwide cost too.

If we discuss the nation producing palm oil, in the long stretch of May this year, there has been a decline of 4.09 percent in unrefined palm oil (CPO) imports. Which used to be 7.55 lakh tons during a similar period last year. While the import of RBD Palmolein has enrolled a jump of one lakh. Which expanded from a tonne to 2,075 tons per year. Crude Palm Cornell Oil (CPKO) has declined from 11,894 to 4,265.

If we talk about soft oil, the import of soybean oil has expanded by 3.73 tons in May this year, which used to be 2.67 lakh tons a year prior. Essentially, the import of Sunflower oil has boiled down to 1.18 lakh tons in May this year from 1.75 lakh tons during a similar period a year prior.

It Makes sense that India imports the majority of the palm oil from Indonesia and Malaysia. While imports a tiny measure of unrefined soft oil. In this, soybean oil is imported from Argentina. Though sunflower oil is imported from Ukraine and Russia.