India Celebrates Its Independence Day With Famous Moments Lit With Tricolor, See Pictures Inside!!

Today our country is celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence on the completion of 75 years of its independence from British Rule. Following the celebration, major government buildings and monuments of the country have been decorated and lit up with tricolor lights to commemorate 75 years of Independence. So, let us know about the lit-up monuments and buildings here.

Ashoka Pillar Installed In The New Parliament House

On the eve of the country’s 76th Independence Day, the National Emblem of India, the new Ashokan Pillar installed on the roof of the new Parliament House has been decorated. The Ashoka Pillar of new India with a lion who uproar is decorated with tricolor lights.

Calcutta High Court

Following the celebrations, the Calcutta High Court is looking very different. On the eve of Independence Day, its look has changed and the High Court has also been decorated with tricolor lights.

Jammu and Kashmir: Mubarak Mandi Complex

The Mubarak Mandi complex of Jammu & Kashmir is also lit up with the tricolor light. This has turn Mubarak Mandi in an attractive view.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the country has also been showered with tricolor light. After decoration, the court started looking more beautiful and attractive.

India Gate

The historic India Gate in New Delhi has also been decorated with tricolor lights. It looks even more beautiful in the dark of night.

Parliament House

The building of the country’s historic Parliament House has been decorated with tricolor lights and it made Parliament house look more appealing.