How Rahul Gandhi Changed His Election Strategy? Know How He Will Answer BJP In Their Way Only!!

Rahul Gandhi is in a lot of headlines these days due to one or the other reason. Firstly, in ED investigation, then in foreign travel and now Rahul is constantly on the target of his own old leaders. Most of the leaders who left Congress have made allegations against Rahul Gandhi. Ghulam Nabi Azad, who was part of the party for more than four decades, even issued a five-page note. Through this, he narrated a lot of things to Rahul Gandhi.

In the midst of all this, Rahul Gandhi is seen changing his strategy. It is being said that in the coming days, the effect of this changed strategy can also be seen. Now preparations are started to answer the BJP in its own style. In the last eight years, Congress has lost more than 30 elections. Now Congress is in power in only two states. The number of Congress members in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and Legislative Assemblies of different states is also decreasing. Many big leaders have left the party. Most of the leaders are blaming Rahul Gandhi for leaving the party. There is speculation of many more leaders leaving the party in coming days.

What is Rahul’s changed strategy?

In the midst of increasing difficulties, Rahul Gandhi has changed his strategy. A National level leader of Congress said, ‘It is true that these days our party is facing many troubles from one side, but now it is not going to last long. People have started understanding the false promises of BJP government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now everyone’s hope rests on Rahul Gandhi. The whole country is looking at Rahul Gandhi now”.

The Congress leader says, ‘The situation which has happened today is due to leaders like Ghulam Nabi Azad, Kapil Sibal, Jyotiraditya Scindia. The Gandhi family and the party relied heavily on these leaders and together they hatched a conspiracy. Now Rahul Gandhi along with every worker, leader of the party has understood this. So Rahul Gandhi has changed his strategy. He will now answer the BJP in the same manner that it does. You can call it that BJP will be defeated only in BJP’s tricks.’

How will you answer the BJP?

Rahul Gandhi and all the leaders along with the workers of Congress will now be constantly in the midst of the public. They will listen to their problems and will fight with the government-government for that. And efforts will be made to add new people to the party through Bharat Jodo Abhiyan. The focus of the party is on women and youth, and muslim voters will be united again.
On social media, the BJP will be answered in its own language.

If BJP leaders make any video of Congress leader or Rahul Gandhi viral then Congress will do the same. Congress has started the process of preparing one lakh social media warriors. He will now answer every charge of BJP in their own style. If BJP leaders make any mistake, they will make it viral on social media. Every activity related to BJP will be monitored by this social media cell.

When Rahul Gandhi’s tongue slipped while giving a speech on Sunday, the BJP took advantage of it. The BJP immediately put that video on social media and said that Rahul Gandhi does not even know whether flour is weighed in kilograms or in liters? The social media cell of Congress also responded in the same way. Congress started sharing old videos and photographs of many veteran leaders from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In which these leaders are seen making some mistakes.