Hindu vs Hindutva: Rahul Gandhi Sets The Agenda Clearly In Jaipur Rally

Rahul Gandhi today unabashedly sets the agenda straight for upcoming elections that is Hindu Vs Hindutva. Today in Jaipur, addressing the Mehangai Hatao Rally Rahul Gandhi spoke that Congress stands for Hindu and BJP is Hindutva. He says that Hindu is Mahatma Gandhi and Godse is Hinduism.

Hindu Vs Hindutva difference as stated by Rahul Gandhi:

Rahul Gandhi clearly stated that today in country fight is between these two words. One is Hindu and other is Hindutva. I am a Hindu and not a Hindutvavadi. The difference is that Hindu searches for truth called Satyagraha but a Hindutvavadi searches for Sattagraha [power]. He also added that Mahatma Gandhi searched for the truth, a Hindu and Nathuram Godse pumped three bullets into him, he was a Hindutvavadi.

Rahul Gandhi addressing Difference of Hindu Vs Hindutva in Jaipur Rally

Attacking Modi led center government Rahul said that today 1% of population of India has 33% wealth in their hands. Whereas 50% population has only 6% of wealth in their hands . This clearly shows that under this government poor has become poorer and the divide of rich and poor is broaden . Today those who are in power are false Hindus because a Hindu respects every religion and is scared of nobody. We want to remove these Hindutvavadis and bring in Hindu raj. The rally was also attended by Congress Chief Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Rajasthan C.M Ashok Gehlot , Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and many more senior congress leaders.

Congress attacks on BJP

Today the attack on BJP by Congress was ripping with crowd gathering in huge numbers. Priyanka Gandhi addressed PM Modi as “our tourist PM” has time to rome the world but could not meet framers who were 10-20 km away from him”. she said that crores of rupees goes into advertisement in U.P but not in welfare of farmers. This government is only working for a few industrialists.

Priyanka Gandhi attacking P.M. Modi in Jaipur Rally

Priyanka also added that what Congress has made in last 70 years , this government is selling those assets. What they have done in 7 years we want to know. She stated that fuel prices, LPG prices, oil, vegetables, everything is expensive. She asked why there is so much inflation in country.