Here’s Why Delhi’s Historic Jama Masjid Bans Entry Of Unescorted Women!

Delhi’s historic Jama Masjid has banned girls as well as women from entering the mosque singly or in groups. Sabiullah Khan, public relations officer of the mosque, said that there is no restriction on women coming and going with their families or with their husbands.

Khan said, “There is no ban on women, per se. But when women come alone, they give time to boys… Yaha aakey galat harkatey hoti hai, video pe video bana jaati hai, sirf uss cheej ko rokne ke liye, iss pe pabandi lagai gayi hai (We have stopped their entry to stop wrong activities, like shooting videos etc).”

Khan said women who come with their families or with their husbands are welcome. He further said, “But you cannot make the masjid a meeting point with boys, or think of this as a park, make TikTok videos and dance.”

#WATCH| Delhi|Women's entry not banned. When women come alone-improper acts done, videos shot,ban is to stop this. No restrictions on families/married couples.Making it a meeting point inapt for religious places:Sabiullah Khan,Jama Masjid PRO on entry of women coming alone banned

— ANI (@ANI) November 24, 2022

He added that it is not acceptable for any religious place like mosque, temple or gurdwara. Protocol should be maintained at religious places, he added. “We have restricted single women because of this. A masjid is for ‘ibadat’ or prayer,” Khan said.

Reports say that signs have also been put up outside the mosque announcing the new directive – no destitute women will be allowed inside.

Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal called the decision shameful and unconstitutional. She said: “Do they think this is Iran and not India? And that nobody will say anything if you discriminate against women? A woman has the same right to pray as a man.”

#SwatiMaliwal after #Jamamasjid administration bans women entry into the mosque.@SwatiJaiHind @DCWDelhi

— IANS (@ians_india) November 24, 2022

Maliwal said the commission has issued a notice to the mosque authorities for this “Taliban Act.” She concluded, “We shall remove this ban at all cost.”