Heat Is Tortuously Rising In Delhi And Its Adjoining Areas: Warns MET Office

Delhi is gasping for breath in the scorching heat. The upward mercury seems to be setting new records every day. The news of any hope is far away, said Mausam Bhavan, the people of Delhi will have to endure this heat wave in the next few days. In this situation, the weather building has issued ‘Yellow Alert’ in some areas in the National Capital Region. Apart from Delhi, the heat wave is intensifying in Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

The heat is rising in Delhi and its adjoining areas. The meteorological office in Safdarjung said the maximum temperature in the area today was 44.2 degrees Celsius. According to sources, the overall temperature in Delhi may cross 45 degrees Celsius in the next few days. The maximum temperature at Mungeshpur in Delhi was 47.3 degrees Celsius.

Many feel that the temperature in the warmest part of Delhi has surpassed the temperature in Rajasthan. Besides, the maximum temperature of Sports Complex, Najafgarh, Pitampura has crossed the limit of 46 degrees Celsius. RK Zenamni, a scientist at the Meteorological Department, made it clear that the situation is unlikely to improve before June 10. His warning to the people of Delhi, as the heat is rising, one should take all precautions and take to the streets.

According to the weather office, the monsoon will start in eastern India by June 15. Due to this, there will be indications of pre-monsoon in North-West India. But before that, the residents of Delhi and its adjoining areas will have to burn in the heat wave.

Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are also in the throes of an intense heat wave. According to the meteorological department, Sriganganagar was the hottest part of the desert state yesterday. The maximum temperature was over 46 degrees Celsius. Temperatures have started rising in several parts of Madhya Pradesh since yesterday. The temperature in those places is hovering around 45 to 47 degrees Celsius. According to the meteorological department, there is almost no chance of escape from the fire in a day or two.

According to the Meteorological Department, even though the monsoon entered Kerala three days ahead of schedule, its speed is extremely slow. In the last few days, the rainfall in different parts of the state has been about 5 cm.  According to the Regional Meteorological Office, heavy rain is not expected in the next one week. However, there is a possibility of good rainfall in some parts of Karnataka.