Gurugram Namaz Dispute Continues, Petition Filed In SC Against Haryana Chief Secretary, DGP

Gurugram Namaz dispute continues to gather headlines as petition reaches SC against the Haryana Chief Secretary and DGP. Mohammad Adeeb, a former MP, files petition against Haryana’s Chief Secretary and DGP for not taking action against Hindutva Groups. These Hindutva groups have repeatedly blocked Muslims from gathering for Friday Prayers NAMAZ in Gurugram.

The Gurugram district administration has withdrawn permission for offering Namaz at 8 out of 37 allocated sites for prayers. Abeed’s petition said that Muslims in Gurugram have been offering Namaz without causing any disturbance in open areas, as civic bodies has not allotted enough space for offering Namaz.


Gurugram Namaz Dispute Petition’s Details:

The petition says “This nefarious design is being given effect to by propagation and dissemination of hateful content through social media platforms spreading false narratives, terming the performance of Friday Namaz, which is being done in the open due to compulsion and the same is permitted by the authorities in the circumstances, as being illegal and in a manner of some sort of encroachment.”

In the petition that the Gurugram unit of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind has filed two more police complaints on the matter. The petition states Police did not take any action on 3rd December due to which incident escalated and larger groups gathered at various sites of Namaz. Abeed in April 2021 filed a police complaint against Dinesh Bharti, who claims to be a member of Bharat Mata Vahini, a castigator group. The petitioner claims that Dinesh Bharti is one of the main perpetrators of these demonstrations against Namaz’s offering in Gurugram.

How Events Unfolded:


On 5th November, members of Hindutva group organised a puja and after that they spread the cow dung on the ground. Again on 7th November at the same site the group claimed that the site is for volleyball court and no Namaz will be allowed. At another designated site on 20th November at sector 37 Gurugram Hindutva groups protested against Muslims offering prayers. They claimed the site to be a playground for cricket. Organised havan on 26th November to mark 26/11 Mumbai attacks at the site of Namaz in Sector 37 and Sector 12A Gurugram. Manohar Lal Khattar, C.M. Haryana, gives a statement “Namaz in the open will not be tolerated” on 10th December.