Gujarat Assembly Election 2022: Will Rahul Gandhi Be Able To Stop BJP This Time? Check Out Strategy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, addressing the BJP workers on the occasion of victory in four states, that they must not rest even for a day, but immediately rise to the next challenge. He not only gave this message to the common workers, but he also followed this formula.

PM Modi reached Gujarat on Friday morning and did a victorious roadshow there. This is being seen as a preparation for his contest in the Gujarat Assembly elections.

Elections to the Gujarat Assembly are due later this year.  On one hand, the BJP will be full of enthusiasm after winning a historic victory in four states, and on the other hand, it will be the Congress fighting to save its dwindling position in these states.

The BJP was reduced to only 99 seats in the last Gujarat Assembly election and PM Modi had to camp continuously in Gujarat to save the visible defeat.

BJP’s Strength

Due to the charismatic pairing of PM Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah and the strength of the organization in the state, the BJP has come to an almost unbeatable position here.

But this time the situation is not entirely favourable for him. With Modi-Shah coming to power at the Centre and Anandiben Patel going away from active politics, the BJP has a huge lack of a strong local face in the state.

Nitin Patel, who is in the throes of not being able to become the chief minister, and Vijay Rupani, who has been removed from power on the basis of weak performance, can also be a blow to the BJP.

If the image of the present CM is not strong, then rising inflation and unemployment are increasing the problem of the government. In such an environment, if Congress comes out with any strategy, then better prospects can be created for it in the state.

Congress’ Weakness

In the last 25 years, Congress has failed to give a strong challenge to the BJP in Gujarat. In today’s date, Congress has a politician like Ahmed Patel, who can understand Amit Shah’s every trick and make a strong challenge to stop the BJP by fitting his pawns accordingly.

Due to not being in power for a long time, there has also been a weakness in the cadre of the party, which can play the role of taking its plans to the public and bringing its voters to the booth. In such a situation, does Congress have any plan to stop the BJP?

Claiming Victory

Congress leader from Gujarat and Rajya Sabha member Shakti Singh Gohil told that the truth is that in the last election itself, Congress had stopped the BJP. The BJP could not even reach the figure of 100 even after the Prime Minister exerted all his might at the last minute. The Prime Minister linked his personal political ambition with the Gujarat identity. This emotional appeal led some voters to vote for him.

He said that Rahul Gandhi, after spending three days in Dwarka, has seriously considered with what issues the party will hit the ground in the Gujarat elections. We have new enthusiastic presidents and workers on whose strength we can win. From the failure of the government’s Corona period to unemployment and business stagnation in Ahmedabad-Surat, the problems arising out of it will be our main issues.