Getting A Call From Prime Minister’s Office? Read To Know Is It Genuine Call Or Fake Call!!

Ever wondered that if you get a call from Prime Minister’s Office, then how will you know whether PM Modi himself is speaking or he has a recorded message or someone is not mimicking his voice.

In most of the cases, the thugs had saved their number in the contact app in the name as Prime Minister’s Office or PMO. In such a situation, it is very important to know that if for any reason you get a call from the Prime Minister’s Office, then it will come from the official phone. On the other hand, if we talk about PM Modi’s mobile number, then what is his personal phone number, only a few people know about it. Caller ID is not visible when PM calls him too. In such a situation, his cabinet colleagues are also shocked at times.

One such incident was narrated by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar. It is a matter of last year when there was an atmosphere of panic in Afghanistan due to the Taliban government. At the same time, Jaishankar was on a mission to bring Indians safe back to the country. Then one day at midnight, suddenly his phone rang and no number was being displayed on the screen. PM Modi’s voice came when he picked up the phone. PM Modi asked, ‘Awaken?’

Jaishankar said, “Yes Sir. It’s 12.30 now”. Further the PM asked “What is going on there?” In response, Jaishankar said, I gave him some update, then he said, ‘If it is over, then call me.’

Be it PM Modi or any person sitting in any responsible post of the country, personal information like his mobile number being public can pose a threat to the national security of the country. That is why the caller ID of PM Modi’s mobile number is kept hidden. It is the responsibility of the concerned mobile operator to disable Caller ID. This means that if you get a call from PM Modi now, then the number will not appear on the screen. There can be seen anything written from Private Number to Restricted Caller ID.