First Act Of Sologamy In India: Know Its Origin And Trends

In a first, a woman from Gujarat announced that she would get married to herself as a display of an act of “self-love”. 24-year-old Kshama Bindu would be getting married later this month in what is described as an instance of ‘sologamy’. This raises a lot of curiosity among the general public that has heard about the concept of self-marriage for the first time.

Sologamy: Public act of self-marriage

An instance where someone marries oneself in a public display is known as sologamy, which is also referred to as autogamy. This form of marriage has not received legal status anywhere, however, this ceremony has been used by many to show affection and symbolise independence effectively.

The history of recorded sologamy dates back to 1993 when a dental hygienist in US Linda Baker married herself. The ceremony was attended by 75 people. A sologamy divorce had also been reported last year when a Brazillian model Cris Galera fell in love with someone and ended her solo marriage.

Procedure to follow for self-marriage

As sologamy is not a legal affair and has not received enough place in society, one can follow the same tradition of marriage as two people do. Businesses are being opened up to assist clients willing to get self-married.

The trend of sologamy is picking its pace, largely among women, as more and more of them are getting financially independent and learning to live their lives on their own.

This method of self-marriage has also been popularised in TV shows such and Sex and the City, Glee and Doctor Who.