Election Expenditure Hikes : ECI Raises Capital Limit For Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies

Election expenditure hikes by the Election Commission Of India just before the elections in the five states are welcomed by the political parties. This increment includes both the parliamentary and Assembly constituencies. Now, the upper limit is Rs 90 lakh for Lok Sabha and Rs 40 lakh for Assembly Elections candidates. Earlier the limit was Rs 70 lakh for Lok Sabha and Rs 28 lakh For Assembly polls. These limits will be applicable in the upcoming elections in the states of the U.P, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa, and Manipur. The Ministry of Law, Justice, and Legislative Department notifies the hike on Thursday.

Official Statement by ECI

Election Expenditure Hike Details:

According to the ECI, this hike is done because of an increase in the inflation index and the increasing size of the electorate. The last revision took place about seven years ago in 2014. This decision is taken after a detailed discussion with the committee formed by the ECI to study the cost factors. The committee members include Shri. Harish Kumar [Retd. IRS officer], Shri. Umesh Sinha [Secretary General] and Shri. Chandra Bhushan Kumar [Sr. Deputy Election Commissioner].

During the pandemic methods of campaigning also needs more safety measures for the general public than ever before. It will include increase cost of sanitization, mask, and more digital expenditure. Keeping all the points in mind these new revisions will be helping candidates to put their agenda in a more effective way. In the bigger states, the Lok Sabha poll expense is now 95 lakh from 70 lakh, a hike of 35% but in the smaller states, the limit is 75 lakh from 54 lakh, a 38% hike. Whereas for the Assembly elections in big states capping is done at 40 lakh from 28 lakh, 42% hike, and for smaller state it is 28 lakh from 20 lakh, 40% higher than before. At present, the electors have increased by 12.23% in 2014-2021. That is from 834 million to 936 million electors are registered. The cost of inflation index increases to 317 from 240.

Well, we all know that election campaigning in the last few years has become vigorous. All party candidates try to put their best foot forward and not to miss any chance to be seen and heard by the public. The way an election campaign works is a complex and intricate process. Party candidates have to work really hard, day and night to allure the voters. So this hike will surely help the political parties and its representatives to achieve their goals.