“Didn’t Talk Since 1987,” Know Unknown Facts About PM Modi’s Wife

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the most talked-about personality in politics. Today he is being discussed not only in the country but also abroad. PM Modi has become even more popular among youth.

Along with his success stories, people have been interested in news related to PM Modi’s personal life and his family. His mother Heeraben is highly discussed in his family, however, during the Lok Sabha elections, people came to know about his alleged wife whose name is claimed to be Jashoda Ben.

Before the election, there was no clear information about the Prime Minister’s relationship. Let’s try to find out the information related to his alleged wife, Jashoda Ben.

At the age of 17, Jashoda Ben was married to Narendra Modi, who was 18 then. After three years of marriage, both of them separated from each other. The reason behind this is said to be Modi’s service to the nation, but Jashoda Ben does not blame Modi for this.

According to Jashoda Ben, she had separated from Modi only after three months of marriage and there was no fight between the two while separating.

When Narendra Modi told Jashoda Ben that he is going to leave the house and tour the whole country, she asked him to take her along which he didn’t.

Jashoda Ben, 62, was a school teacher. After separating from Narendra Modi, Jashoda Ben spent most of the time at her brothers’ house who supported her a lot.

When Jashoda was 10 years old, her parents died. In the meantime, she got married to Modi. After finishing her training, she became a school teacher in 1978 after Modi left for his mission.

Jashoda Ben has many golden memories about Modi and she aspires to spend the rest of her life with these memories. She takes pride in being Modi’s wife.

“I feel good when Modi remembers me, well why would I not like it, he never believed that he is not married, I am his wife and will always be his wife,” She said while talking to the media.

On the matter of the meeting, Jashoda said, “When the time comes, I will meet him.”

According to Jashoda Ben, the last time he spoke to Narendra Modi was in January 1987. Waking up at four in the morning, Jashoda Ben starts her day by worshipping Maa Durga. Today she stays abreast of all the news related to Narendra Modi through newspapers and TV.