Congress Demands Caste Based Census, Organized OBC Conference For West UP In Ghaziabad, Read To Know More!!

After the announcement of Rahul Gandhi asking for increase in the OBC reservation, the Congress party organized a conference regarding the same in Ghaziabad. District President Ghaziabad, Vijaypal Chaudhary organized the first ever West UP OBC conference for the people of West Uttar Pradesh in Ghaziabad to unite them and make them realize how they are being abandoned of their rights. The OBC conference was organised by PCC Member Uttar Pradesh Vijaypal Chaudhary on the occasion of birth anniversary of late Mr Rajiv Gandhi Ji i.e. on August 20,2023.

Congress Organized OBC Conference

Mr Chaudhary called the motto of the conference to be, “Jiski Jitni Bhaagedari Uski Utni Hissedari”. He says, Rahul Gandhiji is right that we are deprived of our reservation rights by not providing adequate ratio and thus we will not let BJP to take it away from us.¬† This conference is a message to BJP that people of Uttar Pradesh are with Rahul ji and we want our right.

Vijaypal Chaudhary said, I don’t understand why the central government is running away from this caste census. The Prime Minister says that he comes from a backward society, but if the backward people have suffered the most, then it has happened during the rule of Modi government. The Modi government has been working on a strategy to end reservation and suppress the backward.

The conference by attended by many senior leaders of Congress Party these includes, Harendra Agarwal, former MLC, Manoj Yadav, State President, Backward Classes Department, Uttar Pradesh, Smt. Deepa Kaul former minister, Kuldeep Malik Vice President Backward Class Congress.

OBC conference Organized by Congress Party

While addressing the conference, Smt. Deepa Kaul said that BJP is ideologically opposed to the backward castes. BJP has always been trying to end reservation policy for backwards and has only done the work of cheating the backward society. Harendra Agarwal said, “The concept of social justice will not be complete without caste census”. While¬†Manoj Yadav, State President of Backward Classes Department, said, “Rahul Gandhi has raised the most revolutionary issue in the history of India that the limit of 50% reservation should be abolished and the reservation of OBC society should be increased. This is a revolution of social justice, it will change the condition and direction of the backward society”. He also added that the concept of social justice will not be fulfilled without caste census.

The following resolutions were passed in the conference:

1. The concept of social justice cannot be completed without caste census, caste census is necessary to strengthen democracy.

2. The limit of 50% reservation should be removed immediately so that the backward castes get reservation in proportion to their population.

3. The participation of the most backward society should be ensured.

Adil Chowdhary, Deepak Chowdhary, Subhash Kumar, Naresh Kumar, Vijay Chowdhary, Kamaruddin Saifi, Varun Kumar Sharma, Ameer Hassan, Munna Bhai Wasim Ahmed, Pandit Manoj Kaushik, Gulfam Qureshi, Dharmendra Bhati, Arjun Sharma, Advocate Anil Gurjar, Gulfam Qureshi, Arunesh Yadav, Amit Yadav, Vineet Tyagi, Manoj Kumar Sharma Yashveer Chaudhary Dharmendra Chaudhary Sunil Sharma Mohit Gaud along with thousands of people including all the office bearers attended the conference.