BJP Leader Mohit Kamboj Charged With Forgery For Deceiving Bank Customers

Former BJP youth leader Kamboj has been accused of defrauding the bank, deceiving customers, indulging in forgery, and engaging in a criminal conspiracy against the bank. As a result, he has been charged under relevant provisions of the Indian penal code.

The manager made it clear that Kamboj, who was serving as managing director at the time, together with the other two directors of Nissidh Venture Pvt Ltd—named Siddhant Bagla and Jitendra Kapoor—spent the money for objectives other than those that were indicated when the loan was taken out.

Kamboj said that the FIR was fabricated and stated that his voice could not be silenced. On Twitter, he claimed that an erroneous first information report had been filed against him at EOW Mumbai by CP Sanjay Panday. He said that it is a matter that has been resolved for a considerable amount of time and that his voice might be muted or that they could silence him. He plans to provide evidence when he appears in court.

It is not the first time that Kamboj has been connected to a shady financial transaction, though. 2019 is the year when the Bank of Baroda labeled him a wilful defaulter. In the proceeding involving Avyan Ornaments, this action was taken as a result of the investigation. A year later, in 2021, the CBI opened an investigation after allegations that he defrauded a bank.

According to the Manager of Indian Overseas Bank, Kamboj is one of the three directors of the firm, which took control of a sum of Rs 52 crore and used it inappropriately. A case of evading was brought against Kamboj and two other directors by the monetary offence branch of the Indian Penal Code, namely under sections 409 and 420 of the code.