BJP Hatao, Mehengai Bhagao’ Padyatra By Rahul Gandhi, “Amethi Is My Home, No One Can Remove Me From Here”

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has reached Amethi to participate in BJP Mehengai Bhagao Pad Yatra. Congress’s Uttar Pradesh Elections in-charge Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was also present with him in Amethi. Congress workers were also excited by Rahul’s arrival and they were present in the pad yatra in a very large number. Addressing the workers in Amethi, Rahul Gandhi said that a few days ago Priyanka Gandhi Vadra came to me and she told me to go to Lucknow. I told her that I want to go to my house first before going to Lucknow. He said that Amethi is his home and no one can separate him from here.

Rahul Gandhi talking about the politics further added, “I joined politics in 2004 and fought the first election here and you taught me politics, I thank you. The two biggest questions facing the country today are unemployment and inflation. Neither the Chief Minister nor the Prime Minister answers these questions.”

Rahul Gandhi said that just a few days ago you must have seen that the Prime Minister was taking a bath in Gangaji. But the Prime Minister cannot tell the country why jobs are not being created in the country. Why are jobs lost? Why are the youth of our country not getting employment? Can anyone answer me to my question, I hope no one is there who wants to answer this question.

The second question is why is inflation increasing so fast? Narendra Modi will not answer these questions to you, so I am giving you the answer. Brothers and sisters, this country is provided employment by middle class shopkeepers with small business. Narendra Modi first closed his eyes and attacked him by demonetisation. Then GST was implemented. After this, after the third wave of corona virus came, by not giving any help. Therefore, both inflation and unemployment are increasing in the country.

Rahul Gandhi said that Narendra Modi has given everything to his two or three capitalist friends. Narendra Modi brought the Black Agricultural Law Act and a year later, apologizing, withdrew the law. The security of the country is in danger, China is setting up villages in the Indian state and Modi ji is silent.