Bihar Politics: Why Nitish Kumar Left BJP, Sided With RJD? Read Here!

After breaking his alliance with the BJP, Nitish Kumar rejoins the Grand Alliance.This question is arising in the mind of most of the people that why Nitish left the BJP? After all, how did Nitish come close to the RJD while with the BJP? Nitish says that he was being dishonored in NDA.we will know through points how Nitish came close to Rajad and went away from BJP.

Gave indications before

April 22: Nitish Kumar attended the Lalu family’s Iftar party. Went on foot from his residence to Rabri Devi’s residence. Tejashwi indicated a good relationship.

May 10: Tejashwi Yadav pressurized the Nitish government by announcing a foot march to Delhi on the issue of caste census. Nitish called them to meet him.

June 10: During the agitation over the Agneepath scheme, central forces were deployed to protect ten leaders of Bihar BJP. This also increased the distrust in the BJP.

July 31: Joint working committee of seven fronts of BJP organized in Patna. Amit Shah’s arrival. JP Nadda says that the existence of regional parties will end.

Nitish babu got away from BJP

There was a situation of tension between JDU and BJP for several days. Within a month, there were four such occasions when Nitish kept distance from BJP’s programs.

August 7: He was invited to attend the meeting of NITI Aayog in Delhi under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but did not go.

July 17: Nitish Kumar did not consider it necessary to go to the meeting with the Chief Ministers under the leadership of Home Minister Amit Shah.

July 22: Nitish was invited to the banquet on the farewell of former President Ram Nath Kovind, but did not go.

July 25: Nitish also distanced himself from the swearing-in ceremony of newly elected President Draupadi Murmu. However, JDU had voted in favor.

Let us tell you, on July 26, 2017, Nitish Kumar broke ties with RJD and formed the government with BJP. Under the leadership of Nitish, BJP and JDU again formed the NDA government by winning the 2020 assembly elections in alliance. Sonia Gandhi also had an eye on the political movement of Bihar throughout the day.

Bihar Pradesh Congress in-charge Bhaktacharan Das kept giving them every moment. Nitish Kumar was already in touch with Sonia. It is being said that only after getting Sonia’s consent, he took the initiative to break ties with the BJP. There were some issues with RJD, which could be resolved with Sonia’s mediation.