Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Calls Drinkers ‘Mahapapi’, ‘Unworthy’

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar said such words against the drinkers on Wednesday, hearing that the alcoholic might stop drinking. Nitish Kumar described those who drink alcohol as “mahapapi” (great sinner).

After the state assembly passed the Bihar Prohibition and Excise (Amendment) Bill 2022 for the first time to dial in on penalties imposed on “drinkers”, CM nitish kumar said in the assembly, “If any Father of the Nation Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi), I do not consider him an Indian.” He further said, “Those who do not listen to Bapu are ‘mahapapi’ and ‘maha ayogya’ (great sinners and unworthy).”

The chief minister further said that according to a survey conducted by the government in Bihar till 2018, 1 crore 74 lakh people stopped drinking alcohol. He said that the state does not ban liquor because of the income from it, the state bans it because if someone wastes their money on alcohol, better people should stop drinking and use that money to run the house. He also said that if anyone goes to consume alcohol then they will be held guilty of this act.

The bill passed by voice vote in the assembly will now have to wait for the approval of the governor, after which the first time offenders will get bail from the duty magistrate after depositing the fine. However, if the person fails to pay it, he will have to undergo a jail term of one month.

Chief minister Nitish Kumar was always in against wine and liquor sold in Bihar as due to poisonous alcohol many people died and also it increases domestic violence.